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Photoreal Perspectives
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Photoreal Perspectives

A unique and useful visualization tool is a Photoreal Perspective. We can take an aerial or ground level photograph of an existing condition and show how a new structure or modification would look or indicate material changes. These can be effective tools for marketing materials or for regulatory board presentations.

Architects and Developers can use our Photoreal Perspectives when they need to have their structures visualized by regulatory planning board members. Rather than have an expensive physical model erected, many prefer our renderings to portray 'Before and After' views.


First, we take a photograph of your site with the building footprint staked in the field. Next, we develop a 3D digital model of your structure from detailed drawings and material specifications provided to Graphica. All textures, colors and lighting effects are applied to the model and it is positioned to match the perspective of the site photo using the stakes of the building footprint we placed in the field. From here, we add any landscaping/people/cars/boats and then finalize the 'marriage' of photograph and model creating a very realistic rendering.

Proofs of the project are periodically provided to ensure quality and accuracy. Once the final proof is approved, Graphica will supply you with a print

  • multiple illustrations supplied on hardcopy or digital media
  • projects photomontaged onto site photographs (before and after views)
  • panoramas for interactive presentations or use on web sites
  • video presentations inc. 3D animations
  • still images & project information
  • animated sun studies for resource consents/council approval,
  • material, colour and lighting studies.

For an estimate please provide the following information:

  1. Outline specification of the work required, number and description of views etc.
  2. Drawings of the proposed project.
  3. Date required.

For a final quote please provide the following:

  1. Detailed specification of work.
  2. Drawings as needed to model the project to the level of detail required.
  3. Material, finish and colour descriptions/samples.
  4. Description of any specific furniture, fittings, transport, people or plant species to appear in the images.
  5. Pictures of similar style design or previous projects where possible
    Please note: Specific furniture, fittings, transport, people or plant species may not be possible to include in the renderings without additional cost required to cover time spent creating or outsourcing them.


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